Parts Per Million

A climate focused hex map strategy game
with a stylized low poly aesthetic

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VideoWatch the island come to life

TeamThe team behind it all

Connor Douglas Lead Programmer

UI Programmer Henry Schaefer

Zachary Frye Programmer

Producer Dell Barnes

Kaleb Hogan Artist

Artist Jacob Moore

SystemsThe core components of the game

Weather A system designed to guide players

The weather system I built for Parts Per Million delivers swift and harsh punishment to a player who is taking the wrong path through the game. A scaling category system allows us to inflict a variable range of difficulties to the player. Weather events include natural disasters such as dust storms, polluted rain, and hurricanes.

Hex Grid A procedural system for generating unique islands

The grid is the core component for Parts Per Million. With configureable biomes, cell types, blend parameters, and more; the grid creates an entirely new island with different gameplay for each play-through. The height map is generated off of layered octaves of perlin noise multiplied by a radial gradient to achieve a coherent island shape. From there, biomes are randomly planted throughout and grow until they cover the island completely.

Cells The modular bricks that build the game from the bottom up

Each individual cell type is derived from a base class HexCell. A HexCell contains many overridable methods which allow for interchangeable behaviors for different cell types. With this method, we were able to easily add many new cells with varying behaviors such as tree placement in a forest cell, or building placement in a city cell.

AccoladesAwards and recognitions


Invited to EAE Day, an end of the semester game showcase for the EAE program.